June 23, 2023

HIGHEST Podcast-Reihe – Launch of the 2nd episode with Energy Robotics

In the second episode we talk to Dorian Scholz from Energy Robotics.

The 2nd episode of our podcast series “DigitalValley goes HIGHEST” has started. This time Harald Holzer, HIGHEST, and Dennis Niederhagen, Digital Valley, talk with Dorian Scholz, CRP and Co-Founder of Energy Robotics about:


Relieving the workload of employees through autonomous robot inspections.

Improving operational efficiency through the Energy Robotics software platform

Increasing the safety of industrial workplaces through Energy Robotics





Dorian Scholz also gives an exciting account of how a globally active software company in one of the future markets is being built up and expanded from Darmstadt. It is the founding story of Energy Robotics!


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