What makes a network strong is not the number of people but the diversity of their expertise. That’s why we believe in meaningful connections – digital and face-to-face.


Our network not only connects science and markets, but students and researchers with mentors, experts, and coaches. In short: Enablers with opportunities.



Members of the club are one of the first to learn about ground-breaking inventions – and have the chance to collaborate with the ground-breakers.


Our network for your ambitions

Maybe not in the same boat but on the same course: Innovation made in Germany! That is why HIGHEST values partnering and collaborating with various institutions. Because when the tide lifts all boats, there is no competition.



This digital platform with access to new contacts has a unique feature: It actively filters and selects people that are relevant to you. A curated network, a highway for innovation, people, and patents, worldwide.

Our university network