HIGHEST Start-up Partner

As a start-up partner of HIGHEST, companies benefit from direct access to current innovation projects and startups from TU Darmstadt. We gain early insights into new technologies and innovations, allowing us to strategically connect companies with potential intellectual properties, talents, and scientists. This happens through exclusive events, network workshops, or individual contact points.

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Why is it worth being part of it? IONOS reports as our start-up partner!

Phillip Massberg, IONOS, Harald Holzer, HIGHEST, and Dr. Christoph Mickel, Athlyzer, im Gespräch über diese Partnerschaft.

Harald Holzer, Jessica Biastock und Phillip Maasberg, IONOS.

Engaging directly with startups and innovators.

We connect our startup partners with the innovators at TU Darmstadt, enabling them to exchange information promptly on groundbreaking inventions and developments.

As a startup partner, increased visibility at TU Darmstadt – presence and visibility among students and knowledge creators at TU Darmstadt and on campus.

  • Direct contact with founders and innovators at TU Darmstadt.
  • Networking with the entrepreneurship groups at TU Darmstadt.
  • Exklusive Workshops für HIGHEST Start-ups und Innovationsprojekte
  • Access to talents within our ecosystem.
  • Advancing the economic location RheinMain/Hessen together.
  • Presenting one’s own company and inspiring students and researchers.

Thank you to our startup partners for their commitment and excellent collaboration.

HIGHEST Start-up Partner

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