An optimal partnership is one that both sides profit from. In nature, we call this symbiosis. In Darmstadt: the HIGHEST club.

Partners and members of the HIGHEST club are right in the midst of it. Getting in touch with innovators with groundbreaking ideas, entrepreneurs, and young business owners. They also have access to events, exclusive content, and our campus-own labs – for free.

Want to be part of this amazing network? We’re looking forward to your application.

Meeting talent.

Members of the HIGHEST club are one of the first to learn about groundbreaking new developments of our students and researchers – and first in line for a partnership or collaboration.


HIGHEST Clubabend March 2024

HIGHEST Clubabend June 2023

Foyer (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Keynote speech from Prof. Peter Buxmann (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Auditorium (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Networking (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Franceso Pisani, Deloitte, and Harald Holzer (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Katja Farfan, hessenmetall, and Harald Holzer (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Phillip Maasberg, IONOS, and Harald Holzer.(Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Prof. Peter Buxmann (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Talks (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Team Voxel Sound (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Team FlipoQ (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Laura Larringe from Reli (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Meta & AI Lab (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

Harald Holzer with Jessica Biostoch and Phillip Maasberg from IONOS (Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch)

HIGHEST Clubabend February 2023

Pitches im Georg-Christioph-Lichtenberg-Haus

Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther im Gespräch mit seinem Vorgänger als Vizepräsidenten Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider.


Harald Holzer bei der Eröffnung

Prof. Dr. Oskar von Stryk bei seinem Impuls über Robotik und den demographischen Wandel

Cera Sleeves beim Pitch

I3DEnergy beim Pitch

Der Boralyte-Pitch






Being a member means being first.

A quite prestigious club! Especially for companies who can show their support – and be seen doing so. Enjoy being a brand that promotes the innovations of tomorrow. Aside from that, you’ll also have access to our FabLab for developing or testing prototypes or collaborating with researchers on site.

Our members can also attend regularly organized events – for networking, inspiring conversations, or just to be the first to learn about a new groundbreaking idea from one of our researchers or students.

Ready, steady, member.

It couldn’t be simpler to get in: Simply send us an e-mail with your preferred date of entry. After receiving your mail, we will send you an invoice with the annual subscription fee (€1,877)


Other benefits from which members profit.

  • Direct contact with founders and innovators.
  • Be an exclusive guest at club meetings as a member and be at the forefront when new business ideas and innovations are presented.
  • Introducing your own company and inspiring students and researchers
  • Access to our lab for prototype creation
  • Consultation for the acquisition of intellectual property of scientists and researchers
  • Members can (upon request) have their company logo integrated into TU promotional materials, thus gaining reach and improving their image

Thanks to all club members – for the commitment and the good cooperation.

Are you convinced?

We would be happy to welcome you to the HIGHEST Club. We will be happy to send you documents and information.

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