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HIGHEST is consultant, connector and enabler. The link between science, business and industry. If you are a researcher, student, or an advocate for innovation: We are at your side from the very beginning of your endeavor – all the way to your goal.

HIGHEST – guiding innovation at TU Darmstadt

HIGHEST supports scientists and start-ups at TU Darmstadt with developing marketable products and sustainable companies from research results and projects.

  • Single point of contact for researchers and students
  • Organizes events and services for startups and innovators at TU Darmstadt
  • Leading incubator for deep tech and green tech in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region
  • Drives innovation at TU Darmstadt as an innovation hub

Help starts with an H – like HIGHEST

A disruptive idea, a breakthrough in your research, or simple curiosity? HIGHEST is happy to help! Step by step, face to face, and with an excellent track record. Consulting, coaching and accompanying you on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. Not got a head for business? No problem, we can also help you to exploit your research results.

What incredible potential can an idea, a research result, or an invention have? More importantly, what problems of tomorrow can they solve? The possibilities seem endless – let’s talk about it:


Whatever you need

We amplify success. New ideas, disruptive technologies and research that shake things up. HIGHEST has office spaces, labs, networking opportunities, and funding to get you on the road. So, no need to worry. You’re on a highway to help!


Dare to ask

If you have a question, you can find the answer. But how do you know what questions to ask? At TU Darmstadt, we teach you how to ask the right questions and offer an abundance of fundamental knowledge – in workshops, lectures, and other educational programs.


Knowledge transfer

Protect intellectual property and research results

IP and Research results are valuable. To make sure you get “what it’s worth”, HIGHEST recommends protecting your ideas as early as possible. We can assist.  Just get in touch with our consulting team and IP experts – right here on campus.

Patents & IP

Expert knowledge from the source.

No need to chase around if you know someone in the know. HIGHEST connects with successful experts from business, industry and research.

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Guenter Kraft

Focus on Alumni Founders


Florine von Caprivi

Focus/Sales, Organisational Development, Operations, Scaling

Our successful start-ups


WINGCOPTER Revolutionizing deliveries via drones.


Manufacturer of sustainable and vegan leather alternative – made in Darmstadt.


Next level cooling technology.



May 17, 2024

HIGHEST-Podcast “Starting a business and studying”

We are entering the next round with “Digital Valley goes HIGHEST”, this time in conversation with Damla Avci and Lucas Damrau on the topic “Starting a Business and Studying”.


April 16, 2024

HIGHEST-Workshop Empowered ETIT Researchers to Transform Ideas into Innovations

Achieving even more together

Business, science, business professionals, thinkers and doers. HIGHEST offers more than a network: an ecosystem in the heart of Darmstadt.

Learn more about our ecosystem

Get in touch with young and innovative minds.

Funding programs for innovators

Innovation needs room to grow – and a certain financial independency. But how to get it? With a little help of HIGHEST – on several levels, via countless touchpoints and soon from its own funds.

Success stories


March 23, 2023

Mathe und Müsli

„peasofjoy”–Start-up-Gründung während des Studiums


March 9, 2023

Ein Boot namens Wamo

Start-up e.Ray rettet Leben mit Wassermonitoring-Plattform


February 9, 2023

Neues neu denken

Lionel Born – aus einem Gründer wird ein Unternehmer


January 12, 2023

reLi – internationales Team recycelt E-Auto-Batterien

recycling von Lithium-Batterien – und das noch „reLiable“


January 26, 2023

Medizinisches Plastik vom Feld

Die Antwort von BIOVOX lautet: Zuckerrohr. Die Kunststoffe des Start-ups sind durch diese Pflanze zu 100 Prozent biobasiert.


February 23, 2023

Laden von Elektroautos mit Schwung

ADAPTIVE Balancing Power GmbH baut Ladestation mit Schwungmassenspeicher

HIGHWAY – the Innovation-Matching-Plattform

TU Idea Competition

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Start-up & Innovation Day 12 October 2023

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