To us, networking is more than “smile and wave”. It is cherishing and caring for strong roots. Here in Darmstadt, we like to stand on fertile grounds when it comes to meaningful cooperation and a symbiotic exchange of knowledge.

Sponsoring events

Be it start-up & innovation day, the TU idea competition, foundersXchange, or YOUR very own event: HIGHEST is happy to partner up with companies and institutions to put together something special!


Partners in an ecosystem

Together, we can give start-ups and founders opportunities, funding, courses, and spaces to work.


Become a strategic partner of TU Darmstadt

Fresh ideas and unconventional solutions come up best in strong institutional partnerships that go beyond individual projects. TU Darmstadt has five strategic partnerships.

Success Storys

Sucess Story

October 5, 2020

Wingcopter – innovative strength and pioneering spirit

Die TU-Ausgründung Wincopter hat den Durchbruch im Markt erfolgreich geschafft.

Sucess Story

March 15, 2022

Robot brain on control gear

Start-up Energy Robotics löst weltweit sensible Überwachungsaufgaben. Im März 2019 haben die ehemaligen Doktoranden an der TU Darmstadt, Alberto Romay, Stefan Kohlbrecher, Dorian Scholz und der TU-Alumnus Marc Dassler zusammen mit Professor Oskar von Stryk das Unternehmen „Energy Robotics GmbH“ gegründet. Heute, nur drei Jahre später, ist das Team mit seiner Software für autonome Inspektionsroboter weltweit führend auf dem Markt für die Überwachung von Öl-, Gas- oder Chemieanlagen. Die Software von Energy Robotics ist bereits in 13 Ländern in vier Kontinenten erfolgreich im Dauereinsatz und die TU-Ausgründung weiter auf Expansionskurs.


February 10, 2022

Pioneering model for rights transfer: TU Darmstadt goes on start-up offensive with "IP for Shares

TU Darmstadt / HIGHEST setzt neue Maßstäbe bei der Rechteübertragung für Start-ups. Bahnbrechend einfacher und liquiditätsschonenderer Zugang zu geistigem Eigentum für Start-ups. Focused Energy plant als erstes Start-up die Nutzungsmöglichkeit von „IP for Shares“.


May 4, 2022

Plattform HIGHWAY

TU Darmstadt schafft weltweiten digitalen Marktplatz für Innovation


November 18, 2021

Fully occupied: foundersXchange CAPITAL Day for tech start-ups initiated by HIGHEST

Mit dem foundersXchange CAPITAL Day vernetzt HIGHEST Darmstädter Start-ups und Investoren am 23. November 2021 bei einem einzigartigen Pitch-Event.

Sucess Story

January 6, 2021

Magnetism instead of compression

Die TU-Ausgründung MagnoTherm ist bereit für den Durchbruch am Markt.

Ecosystem partnerships

Achieve more together. With joint events, exchange of information and sharing of goals.

Business Angels Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Connecting business angels with start-ups for over 20 years, with more than 150 members (2020), and exceeding 25 events per year, this is one of the most active BA networks in Germany.


Digital Hub cybersecurity

Connecting “doers” in established companies with science and founders – while creating awareness with influencers, investors, and stakeholders. On top of that, the hub supports security start-ups in Germany with commercialization, upscaling, and expansion of their solutions or company.


We are always looking for new cooperation partner!

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The center of satellite navigation Hessen (cesah)  stands for expertise and startups in applied space technology.

Located right here in Darmstadt, next to the ESOC (European satellite control center), it. It supports, connects and funds the ecosystem of space technology in Hessen (and beyond).


We are always looking for new cooperation partner

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Green Tech Accelerator ryon

Das Angebot schließt die Lücke im Bedarf der Start-ups von Labor und Technikumsflächen kombiniert mit maßgeschneiderter Unterstützung. Standort ist das FLUXUM-Gelände in Gernsheim am Rhein. Die hervorragende Qualität des regionalen Ökosystems ist vielversprechende Grundlage für die Vision der Ansiedlung hoch technisierter Industrie und damit verbundener neuer Arbeitsplätze in der Region. Initiiert ins Leben gerufen durch die GreenTech Accelerator Gernsheim GmbH bestehend aus der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, der Technischen Universität Darmstadt, dem Wissenschafts- und Technologieunternehmen Merck, der Hessen Trade & Invest (HTAI) sowie der Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen (WIBank).

GreenTech Accelerator ryon – Start-up Flyer ryon_FlyerA4_8s_WerdenSiePartner_240327_EZS_RZ Website


The center with a future-proof agenda and a scientific goal: Establish the 3rd wave of AI. With their program “Ignition” and “Rising”, they support start-ups from early beginnings to great expansions.


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Hessen Ideen

Linking the state, universities, and companies, it is Hessen Ideen’s mission to find and fund business ideas within their own educational facilities from a very early stage on.



As a central hub for our start-up ecosystem in Darmstadt, Hub31 offers spaces for students and researchers to work and collaborate. Aside from offices, there are shops with tools and machines for various applications (metal and woodworking, laser cutter, 3D printing, welding, and more)

Also, they’re very welcome to take part in events in the lounge area.


We are always looking for new cooperation partner

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Social Innovator Hessen

Supporting people who are aiming to establish their social companies in Hessen, the Social Innovator provides funding programs to those who’re trying to make the world a better place.



Our partner for all startups in the  IT security sector from the development phases and successful founding of a company to entering the market. StartUpSecure accompanies startups in demonstrating that they have reached proof-of-technology and finding the right specialist sales and marketing strategies.


We are always looking for new cooperation partners!

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In the heart of Frankfurt, the TechQuartier offers start-ups and companies access to future-oriented, innovative programmes and a diverse, dynamic network.

The TechQuartier is an innovation hub and offers space to work and network in a central location in Frankfurt. With over 100 events and co-created programmes per year, such as meetups, hackathons and bootcamps, training and education, the implementation of digital innovations takes place here. At the same time, the TechQuartier is the contact point for established companies from the financial and real economy to the dynamic start-up scene: As the ecosystem manager of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region, the TechQuartier is committed to closer networking and cooperation between local start-up initiatives and in supporting start-ups. The innovation platform aligns its ecosystem activities with socially relevant industry and technology trends. Along these themes, the TechQuartier offers industry-specific as well as cross-industry start-up programmes. These target different phases of the start-up life cycle, from founding and incubation, to fundrasing, acceleration and scaling.


We are always looking for new cooperation partner!

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YUBIZZ.DE, the founder initiative of h_da

YUBIZZ is a 24-month funding program for knowledge and technology start-ups in h_da’s career center.


Collaboration and funding opportunities

HIGHEST is backed by strong partnerships with institutions and businesses.

Benefits for companies

HIGHEST is backed by strong partnerships with institutions and companies to find answers for pressing global issues together. As a HIGHEST partner, you’ll have access to our entire science network, our most creative thinkers, and the start-ups they built.
As a part of our ecosystem, you will witness up-close the spirit of innovation — from the first idea spark to a successful knowledge- and technology-based company that already has a foot in the market.

As a guide through our eco-system, HIGHEST will assist you and prioritize your business-specific needs. To put in in plain and simple words, this is what you get:

● Access to state-of-the-art technologies and innovative business ideas of our entire university and science network.
● Gain reputation and awareness for your company’s image as a driver of innovation in Germany.
● Networking with founders will give you early access to ideas and talents.
● Funding innovation and entrepreneurship will bump up your social responsibility.

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Sponsoring events



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Business, science, and politics meet the spirit of innovation and founding – at the InnoDay get-together in Darmstadt.


Swap ideas, contacts, and experiences. Digitally or right here on the campus.


Practical learning with numerous examples, reaching from generating ideas to legal.


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