TU Ideas Competition

TU Darmstadt has an abundance of ideas: The TU Ideas Competition offers scientists, students, alumni and all members of TU Darmstadt the opportunity to present and advance their own innovative product, business ideas or research results with a view towards exploitation.

The ideas will be tested for their marketing and innovation potential by a jury of experts from start-ups, business, science and politics.

Apply form April 1 to June 3, 2024!

About the TU Ideas Competition

Here is the schedule for the TU Idea Competition 2024: The next TU Ideas Competition #YourIdea24 starts in spring 2024:

Application deadline for the TU Idea Competition 2024:
April 1st to June 3rd, 2024

Preselection and jury sessions:
June 4th to August 5th, 2024

Announcement of finalists:
End of August 2024

Pitch training for finalists:
Early September 2024

The final and award ceremony will take place on September 26th as part of the Start-up & Innovation Day.

Dr. Gernot Berger, High-Tech Gründer Fonds
Prof. Dr. Carolin Bock, TU Darmstadt – FB 1 Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Lionel Born, L-One Systems GmbH
Dr. Oliver Hartkorn, WSL Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB
Dr. Andreas Kanstein, cesah GmbH
Prof. Dr. Alexander Kock, TU Darmstadt – FB 1 Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Prof. Dr. Anke Kopsch, Hochschule Darmstadt
Guenter Kraft, Xariva Ventures
Katja Kramer, Hessenmetall Bezirksgruppe Darmstadt+ Südhessen e.V. – Unternehmerverband Südhessen e.V.
Christina Kraus, Meshcloud
Bettina Laurick,
Phillip Maasberg, IONOS
Zeuch Marcel, Oddo BHF Bank
Daniel Pfeffer, HEAG Holding AG
Dr. Francesco Pisani, Deloitte GmbH
Prof. Dr. Nicole Saenger, Hochschule Darmstadt
Karl Ulrich Saß, Thomas Weiland-Stiftung
Dr. Gerhard Schwall, Merck KGaA
Dr. Roland Steck, Vereinigung der Freunde der TU Darmstadt e.V.
Prof. Dr. Werner Stork, Hochschule Darmstadt
Lena-Marie Tamanini, Sparkasse Darmstadt
Dr. Detlef Terzenbach, HTAI – Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH
Dirk Widuch, Hessenmetall Bezirksgruppe Darmstadt+ Südhessen e.V. – Unternehmerverband Südhessen e.V.

Working together to advance ideas and innovations

All participants receive sound feedback from the expert jury of the ideas competition. This is an ideal opportunity for working on and refining concepts. In addition, the finalist teams receive pitch training and coaching from the HIGHEST team.

Being part of the TU Ideas Competition is your ticket to the strongest start-up ecosystem in the Rhine-Main region. Share ideas with other founders and make industry contacts

Photo: The winning teams of 2023.

Video of the 2022 finals

All students, scientists, alumni and members of TU Darmstadt and h_da. Other teams can also apply, but it is important that one member has a connection to TU Darmstadt or h_da.

Category: Scientists

First prize:  €3,000
Second prize: €2,000
Third prize: €1,000

Category: Students

First prize: €3,000
Second prize: €2,000
Third prize: €1,000

Special prizes will also be awarded, we will announce further details in due course.

Participation is confidential and jury members must sign a non-disclosure agreement. Personal data will not be forwarded by the organizer to unauthorized third parties, or used internally for other purposes.

To take part in the Ideas Competition 2023 you must submit a brief proposal online. Applications will be activated from 1 May to 30 June, 2023.

Applications can only be accepted if they are complete, in writing and received on time. The final deadline will be announced in due course.

Applications and supporting documents may be submitted in English.

Start-ups or companies do not have to be founded before taking part.

The idea must have been developed independently by the participants and must not infringe the rights of third parties.

Several ideas may be submitted per participant or team. A maximum of one proposal can be awarded per participant or team.

Winners of past TU ideas competitions may not apply again with the same idea.

The participants declare their willingness to present their idea during the final event and to participate in marketing and PR activities.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned here.

Legal recourse is excluded for prize money claims. Your ideas are safe with us and the copyright and the claim to your invention or idea remains your own.

The organizer and an external jury of experts will evaluate all ideas based on the following criteria:

Degree of innovation
Economic potential
Customer benefits
Unique selling point
Market opportunities

They will select the finalists in both categories. The decision on the winners will be made after the finalists have presented their ideas to the expert jury.

Application form

The application period for the TU Idea Competition 2024 ends on June 3rd, 2024!

Application form

Simone Lühl

Start-up Coach HIGHEST; simone.luehl@tu-darmstadt.de

Jessica Retzlaff


Simone Lühl über den TU-Ideenwettbewerb

Sponsors and Partner in 2024

Thank you for your support!

Winners of the TU Ideas Competition

In the category “Scientists”:

1. Prize: CorEye – smart solutions for monitoring the condition of safety-critical structures by Dr. Nassr Al-Baradoni.
Sponsored by the entega Naturpur Institute.

2. Prize: MoProX – Molecular Proximity-Based Therapeutics by Dr. Christian Meyners, Prof. Dr. Felix Hausch, Johannes Dreizler, Thomas Geiger.
Sponsored by WSL Patent Attorneys European Patent Attorneys.

3. Prize: Motark – mobile autonomous monitoring system for flooding by Tim-Jonathan Huyeng.
Sponsored by Sparkasse Darmstadt.

In the category “Students”:

1. Prize: Gaffop by David Weiß.
Sponsored by IONOS.

2. Prize: Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with Wind Deflector Elements by Erik Kohler.
Sponsored by Deloitte.

3. Prize: Virotect, the CompuGene Student Lab with Conrad Knies, Annika Sonn, Antonia Schetle, Julian Kulenkampff, Kai Kabuth, Marlene Werner, Melina Baur, Micha Becker, Mohamed Taha Soudani, Moritz Domack, Nadja Eisenbruch, Nick Trettow, Timo Schuetz.
Sponsored by ODDO BHF.

Special Prizes:

1. The Special Prize for early innovative ideas with spin-off potential, sponsored by the Association of Friends of the Technical University of Darmstadt e.V., goes to Archiplan by Davy Karsenty.

2. The Special Prize for Science, sponsored by the Thomas Weiland Foundation, is awarded to MimoSense by Dr.-Ing. Romol Chadda, Dr.-Ing. Omar Ben Dali, Bastian Latsch, Stefan Trillig.

3. The Special Prize for Sustainability, sponsored by Merck and fluxum, is awarded to Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with Wind Deflector Elements by Erik Kohler.

Winners in the scientists category: 1. Constantin Rothkopf’s team with the interactive font AdaptiFont, 2. Stèphanie Dolique and Pascal Werner for their development of innovative electrolytes for supercapacitors that can help electric cars achieve greater ranges 3. Falah Alobaid and Pascal Koschwitz with their efficient wind energy storage systems HOPES!

Winners in the students category: 1. Bird mapper Marc Neumann, who aims to slow down bird mortality with the latest AI research, 2nd Lea Kablitz and Julian Betz for their combination solution of water filter, drinking bottle and continuous mineral supply called Hydrotwist and last but not least 3. Marlon Malter, who used AI to develop Visionary Codes that anyone can use to generate their own apps. Innovations from Darmstadt.

Students category:

1. Exenretter

2 Saftey system

3. Smarter.Earth

Winners in the scientists category

1 HCP Sense

2 CeraSleeve

3 MultiUserQKH

The Cisco Special Prize for AI was awarded to the Layover Solutions team.

The special prize of Smart City Darmstadt was awarded to Tiaras.

Winners in the scientists category:


2. 3D scanners of the latest generation

3. Organiser

Winners in the students category:

1. Cure Curve Medical AI – Algorithm for early detection of coronary heart disease

2. AIMA – Artificial Intelligence Movement Analytics

3. GreenBot Solutions – Autonomous street cleaning

Special prize of Smart City Darmstadt

Development of a symbiotic concrete microcosm system for the biogenic generation of electricity

Winners in the students category:

1. Write For Me
2. KaiparaAdVRenture
3. NeSPA

Winners in the scientists category:

1. Sooqua
2. Perun
3. Caliberation

Winners in the students category:

Soft exosuit
Floating office
Sensor patch

Winners in the scientists category:

MagnoTherm Solutions
Rapid Compact

Special prize

Floating Office

Audience Award

Rapid Compact

Tillmann Schatz (SVEN-Smart ventilation)
Christian Müller and Markus Rettig (HydroMove)
Patrick Scholl (Adaptive shoe orthosis)

Winners in the scientists category:

Jonas Plum (Odin)
Martin Voigt and Jasmin Guthmann (Calyx)
Elena Alexandrakis (self-healing asphalt)

Florian Dassinger, Sebastian Quednau, Farough Roustaie and Olav Birlem (NanoWired)
Steven Arzt, Siegfried Rasthofer, Marc Miltenberger and Prof. Dr. Eric Bodden (CodeInspect)
Dr. Nicolai Erbs, Mirco Zeiß and Stefan Harnisch (Privalino)

Dr. Markus Biesalski and Michael Jocher: Photoreactive wet strength agents for paper
Matias Acosta, Rogério Salloum, Florian Burg, Sasan Hassanzadeh and Lukas Porz: Multifunctional Piezoelectric Robot
Martin Klimach and Jakob Katz: Carbon Drive

Special prize

Jörg Gottschlich and Johannes Hiemer: Cloudscale – Broker for infrastructure services in the cloud

Martin Dimitrov, Dennis Stapp, Deniz Ertogul and Philip Kieper: multidimensional piezoelectric surface force sensors (tire sensor), today http://pd2m.de
Professor Steffen Hardt: Method for preparative DNA separation
Johannes Stegner: Measurement, evaluation and optimization of the current carrying capacity of underground cable lines

Walter Schäfer: Optical droplet analyzer, today http://aom-systems.com/
Frank Englert, Constantin Müller, Jan Wissmann and Lukas Wagner: AlarmApp, https://www.alarmapp.org
Hendrik Schaede, Maximilian Schneider and Lukas Quurck: Kinetic energy storage

Onur Hamza Karabey: Phased array antenna
Matthias Götz and Thomas Schulz: Social mailing
Andreas Göritz: Software library for depth cameras

Dr. Harald Sieke: Wipeo the windshield wiper cutter, http://www.wipeo.de/
Prof. Mezini, Dr. Marcel Bruch: IDE 2.0, today http://www.codetrails.com
Ghaith Noman: Back sensor


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