The best quality a consultant can have is curiosity! Our experts for innovative potential, start-ups and intellectual property love to share their experience with you. But above all, they share your enthusiasm and fascination for innovative and disruptive ideas and technologies. Get in touch with HIGHEST. And you will have much more than a team of consultants by your side. You will have companions for your path.


Where to begin?

Well, right where you are! Since our expertise and services are incredibly diverse, we are able to pick up right where you are. In every phase of your start-up, in transferring your research result, we have the perfect consultant for you: IP protection, funding, development of business ideas or models, or getting you in touch with suitable business partners. Whatever your endeavors may be, we are here to help and stand right by your side.

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IP & Patents


Research transfer

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First step: Next step.

Students and researchers who get in touch with us usually are driven by two things. A promising research result or business idea and a pressing question: “Now what?”

The answer to that is just around the corner. Find HIGHEST right on campus for your personal consulting session that will help you prioritize and carefully navigate through your first and next steps. In order to best support you in this, we developed HIBS – a method that shines a light on your big picture and shows what is still missing.


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From plan to reality

Most students and researchers know when they’re on to something. But it gets really interesting when they are ready to make something happen.

HIGHEST is right in the middle of this creative and innovative phase, as an incubator for innovation and startups at TU Darmstadt. Whenever a plan is supposed to become a reality, intention has to meet information. HIGHEST provides just that. Get in touch for a free, discrete, and confidential meeting to learn everything from developing business models all the way up to finding a suitable investor.

Our Team Innovations- und Start-up Consulting

Gudrun Lantelme

Head of Innovations- & Start-up Consulting

Sabine Remmert

Head of Community Services & Resources

Sacha Buytaert


Simone Lühl

Start-up Coach

Philipp Travers

Start-up Coach

Jessica Retzlaff

Start-up Coach

Claudia Töffke-Stumm


Beraterin Simone Lühl mit Start-up Biovox

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Starting your start-up

Out of the university, into your own business. Researcher becomes entrepreneur of the year. What seems to sound so simple, so tempting, feels more like pulling a train – for the one doing it. With the biggest roadblock being: money!

Start-ups need suitable funding that actually fits their needs and checks the right boxes. HIGHEST helps you get your funding off the ground by guiding you to the best suiting programs, and showing you the most promising routes to receiving.

Don’t hesitate to talk to our experts and learn about your options.

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Protect your research results and knowledge

In the beginning, no one knows how relevant and groundbreaking your work could be. What we do know: these results of your research, are your intellectual property, and they need protecting. In doing so, you open a variety of options for your future endeavors like spin-offs, funding, or industry partnerships.

How would you go about doing that? That’s where HIGHEST comes into play to support you in the process:


Technical idea or problem solution

Computer program, source code or algorithm


Word creation or domain name

(Produkt) Design

Research result, data (banks)

Hardware (z.B. Prototyp)

Scientific study (Unpublished)

What is your IP and what is it worth?

That is exactly what we have to find out. And since the value of the work results is individual, so is our advice. Together we look at essential parameters (such as novelty value, unique selling proposition, potential competition and market potential) and thus help with clarity and certainty.

By the way: HIGHEST also benefits proportionally from the IP of the founders and researchers. Not in order to enrich itself. But to be able to continue to offer counselling independently of external funding. In addition, we use it to finance the costs of the patent application.


Deniz Bayramoglu

Head of IP-Services

Susanne Gürich

Kommissarische Leitung IP-Services

Christine Rehmann


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Made by HIGHEST.

Efficient, easy to understand, and with your vision in mind. That is how we like to consult clients. In order to accomplish just that, HIGHEST advanced the classical canvas into its own method of developing business models: HIBS©.

What’s HIBS?
You came up with a genius invention, but you’re lacking the big picture? The result of your research project is groundbreaking, but you don’t know a market for it? Sounds like you could benefit from a system that is designed to fill in the gaps. We call it HIBS, a method that highlights what is missing, what your most valuable next step could be and what you have covered this far. Not only an important kind of business canvas but also the basis for our consulting.

Feel free to get in touch and get help with your very own HIBS.


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Start-up. Stay up.

Paperwork is done! Congrats, you’re an entrepreneur! But please, don’t pop the cork just yet. The thing you just launched? Well, it now has to reach the sky. Something we know a thing or two about.

HIGHEST’s client list shows a remarkable amount of businesses that broke through the “3 year anniversary” ceiling. Now, why is that? Well, we like to think of ourselves as the connecting tissue between science and business. As a unique group of people who know extremely well what you (students and researchers) are capable of and what the industry needs. And lastly, as business owners ourselves, we know which steps are necessary to get you into orbit.

But since talk is cheap, we let our numbers do the talking.

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Research transfer

Next chapter: Research transfer.

You know better than anyone: Research is never “done”. There’s always more to learn, more to discover. Only question is: Who pays for the research?

Our answer: Get in touch for support in all aspects of applying for funding

HIGHEST unterstützt Sie bei Ihrem detaillierten schriftlichen Ansuchen auf Bewilligung Ihres Forschungsvorhabens, beziehungsweise auf Bewilligung von Geldern für ein solches Vorhaben.

Gut Ding.
Man sagt „Gut Ding will Weile haben.“ Von Geld spricht dabei niemand. Und wir können uns wenig vorstellen, das frustrierender wäre, als einer heißen Spur auf der Fährte zu sein … und nicht die Mittel zu haben, sie zu erforschen.

Wir sind Berater. Aber auch wir sind neugierig! Sind begeistert – von Innovationen und Forschungsergebnissen. Deshalb legen wir großen Wert auf gute Anträge und helfen Ihnen bei dem schriftlichen Ansuchen auf Finanzierung und legen sie in hoffentlich (be)willige(nde) Hände.

Erfindungsmeldung TU Darmstadt

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Make it to market

To make the best decision possible and make it to market, you need to know all angles and options and understand them well. Why choose A or B when you have a whole alphabet to choose from?

To aid you in exploring this world of possibilities, Darmstadt’s best consulting team in terms of commercialization strategies is right next door, here on the campus. Shoot us a quick e-mail or visit us to learn what would be a perfect fit for you.

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Steady, go, ready!

All done – before even getting started. Good to go into the market! That’s the mental image most students and entrepreneurs have at the TU Darmstadt (and beyond). But you can’t learn to swim on the beach. One way or another, you will have to get your feet wet.

What makes HIGHEST so special: We focus on just that. On wet feet (metaphorically speaking). Consulting in the very early stages, all while keeping a keen eye on your big picture, is what we do. Like this:

DIRECTION: Questions over questions. HIGHEST helps to answer them all. And the ones we can’t, we get you in touch with an industry specialist, expert, coach, or mentor.
ORIENTATION: Research result or big idea? Now what? HIGHEST helps discover your goals and to create a strategy to reach it.
ROADMAP: We don’t wave from the pier, we’re along for the ride. Our team and experts stay with you until you reach your goal. Even if it changes.
TEAM AND RESOURCES: Success is built on three pillars – a great idea, a great team, and funding. Let us help you with the latter!
NETWORK: Want to go fast, go alone. Want to go far, go together. Following this African proverb, we take pride in having built an enormous network.
PUBLICITY: Intellectual property, start-up or transfer of research – HIGHEST makes sure innovators at TU Darmstadt are seen by the right pair of eyes.

Get to know our experts

Research is necessary. Dialog is essential! Learn important insights from experts in industry and technology. Direct, discrete and face-to-face.

id you know?


March 23, 2023

Mathe und Müsli

„peasofjoy”–Start-up-Gründung während des Studiums


January 12, 2023

reLi – internationales Team recycelt E-Auto-Batterien

recycling von Lithium-Batterien – und das noch „reLiable“


January 26, 2023

Medizinisches Plastik vom Feld

Die Antwort von BIOVOX lautet: Zuckerrohr. Die Kunststoffe des Start-ups sind durch diese Pflanze zu 100 Prozent biobasiert.


March 9, 2023

Ein Boot namens Wamo

Start-up e.Ray rettet Leben mit Wassermonitoring-Plattform


December 14, 2022

Argumente in Sekundenschnelle

Gründerstory von summetix


February 23, 2023

Laden von Elektroautos mit Schwung

ADAPTIVE Balancing Power GmbH baut Ladestation mit Schwungmassenspeicher


February 9, 2023

Neues neu denken

Lionel Born – aus einem Gründer wird ein Unternehmer


HIGHWAY – Innovations-Plattform

Funding is half the battle.

The best research result or ground-breaking idea isn’t worth much – unless you have funding. But where to get it? The simple answer: programs!

How to find the right one and, more importantly, how to apply and succeed is not worth racking your brain over. We’ve done just that hundreds of times and would love for you to benefit from our experiences. From selection to application to approval.

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start successfully

Find the right funding

Realise market-ready ideas

Information and consulting

The Hessen idea scholarship

Funding and acceleration. That’s the Hessen idea scholarship in short. Students and graduates of TU Darmstadt are eligible to apply twice a year – for a 6-month program – while they work on their business idea.


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Das Start-up-Team von inflabi, dem Fahrradhelm für die Jackentasche, über das Hessen Ideen Stipendium.

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einer Beratung zum Thema Finanzierung?

Termin vereinbaren


Validation phases – also known as “valley of death” – are rarely blessed with sufficient funding. When the risk is simply too big, investors shy away and brilliant ideas waste away in a drawer somewhere.

This is why validation is absolutely essential and can be your catapult into the market. It minimizes risk for investors and gives promising ideas a chance to be funded and realized.

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EXIST – the founder’s scholarship

More technology and knowledge-based start-ups. That is one of the goals of EXIST. To promote this, aside from funding, the EXIST program organizes  research facilities and provides expertise.

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Especially in the life science sector, jumping from research to marketability is risky. Long development stretches and high cost of research are responsible for entrepreneurs not even attempting to hop. This is where GO-BIO comes in, and in early stages, too! It provides a certain financial flexibility and gives promising ideas a fighting chance.


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StartUpSecure I Athene

This program has a two-pronged support plan for founders in the IT security field:

  • Checking the technical feasibility of an idea and developing it for the market.
  • Transfer into the market, trial of utilization scenarios, and realization of the business model.

For these two models, the StartUpSecure team are the right people to answer all questions about making a promising application for funding.

Zu StartUpSecure I Athene

Lean AI Startup Funding (LAISF)

The Lean AI Startup Funding (LAISF) is a program designed to quickly test and validate your idea in the field of AI and turn it into a business case: 6 months of funding for either one person full-time or two persons part-time and 30.000 Euro Material Expenses for everything you need to prototype and test your idea.

The goal of the Lean AI Startup Funding is to bring ideas from research into practice. Research-driven startup ideas are usually very tech-oriented and have little market readiness. LAISF gives you both the time and the financial freedom to validate your business model, develop your prototype and raise your investment readiness level.

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Research and development need funding. And since digital innovation is especially complex and extensive, Distr@l created four different lines of funding:

  • feasibility studies
  • digital innovation projects
  • knowledge and transfer projects
  • funding and validation/growth



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TU Idea Competition

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Start-up & Innovation Day

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