For companies

First come, first served. And when it’s about innovative and disruptive ideas, you can’t start in a better place than the source: the university! HIGHEST is connects businesses and promotes exchange between successful companies and start-ups (to be).

Involved in ideas – with the HIGHEST club.

As a member, you’re literally present when smart ideas become profitable start-ups.

Sponsoring events

Further. Together. With joint events, swapping notes and sharing goals. HIGHEST is all for strong partnerships with institutions and businesses.

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Innovation “made in Darmstadt” made stronger, together.
foundersXchange – the marketplace for founders and partners.
Start-up and Innovation Day – the most promising of exhibitions.
Reach the top with great synergies.
Rely on a strong and diverse ecosystem that reaches far beyond Hessen.

Partner in a thriving ecosystem

Fostering start-ups and innovations is teamwork.

In good company.

The strong network of innovators, inventors, enablers, and you.

IP & Patents

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