Simone Lühl

to the question about her life motto

Life is full of miracles…see them!

Über mich

Innovations have always excited me. Cultivating new knowledge, researching new things, creating new things. What better task can there be to help scientists, teams and external people take their first step – or their 1,000th step – on the way to commercialising their research result or business idea. The people I get to work with usually come with sparkling energy and enthusiasm for their idea. It gives me great pleasure to inspire this energy, to show ways forward and to make innovations accessible to society and the economy.

I am inquisitive and bubbling over with sometimes quite exuberant ideas and I am fast too ;-). I love it when I can create connections between teams or projects.

As a biologist with a strong background in knowledge management, I lived with my family in faraway Namibia for seven years and was also allowed to accompany innovations there in a completely different context with teams from other cultures.

Walking with my two dog ladies, in the shade of a tree, doing yoga. Chatting with friends.

Coffee, of course.

I have never committed myself!

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