June 26, 2023

HIGHEST Club Evening – Bridging Innovation and Success

Start-ups meet with companies

Digital worlds, start-up pitches, and intense networking – the HIGHEST Club Evening on June 22, 2023, brought together a multitude of partner companies and institutions with start-ups. Prof. Peter Buxmann, TU Darmstadt, kicked off the evening with a keynote speech on “Artificial Intelligence – the Next Generation.” According to him, the currently most innovative company is undoubtedly OpenAI with ChatGPT and other AI applications. What was already shown before the release by the end of 2023 was said to be sensational. The system’s conversational ability, in particular, sets new standards and opens up new potentials. Since the system simply strings syllables together, he expressed no fear of AI world domination. However, he did point out that unwanted or false content could become a problem. With “DAN” – do anything now – ChatGPT could lose its innocence and be prompted to engage in data or code theft. Participants had the opportunity to explore AI worlds directly afterwards at Professor Buxmann’s nearby Meta & AI Lab.


The pitches of start-ups Voxel-Sound, Reli Energy, and FlipoQ generated great interest among HIGHEST Club members and led to numerous inquiries and networking requests. Harald Holzer welcomed hessenmetall, IONOS, and Deloitte as new club members. During the subsequent get-together with snacks, ideas were exchanged, new contacts were made, new projects were initiated, and many bridges were built between the business sector and start-ups from the world of academia.


Foto: HIGHEST/Fotostudio Hirch

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