March 13, 2024

HIGHEST Team at the EXIST Workshop in Cologne

Successful Spin-offs from Universities


Gudrun Lantelme, Jessica Retzlaff, and Simone Lühl from the HIGHEST team engage in a conversation with Matthias Schwabe and Christine Göhring from the University Medical Center Mainz.

The discussion on the successful integration of spin-offs from universities into the market and the global dissemination of innovative ideas was recently intensively debated at the EXIST Workshop in Cologne. Amidst these exciting debates, Gudrun Lantelme, Sacha Buytaert, Simone Lühl, and Jessica Retzlaff from the HIGHEST team actively participated and contributed their experiences.

With a focus on the growing importance of female founders from universities, their participation was particularly highlighted. The participants from the HIGHEST team exchanged ideas with experts from various universities and discussed the power and potential of female founders in this field.

Beim Netzwerken.

The exchange with colleagues from other universities provided valuable insights. For example, Matthias Schwabe from the University Medical Center Mainz and Christine Göhring from JG Uni Mainz were among the participants. Additionally, the workshop provided an opportunity to connect with partners in the field of entrepreneurship support. Among them were Matthias Notz from Cashwalk and German Accelerator, as well as Ralf Volk from EXIST.


The HIGHEST team sincerely thanks everyone for the inspiring time in Cologne and looks forward to future events of this kind. Their participation underscores the university’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

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