April 16, 2024

HIGHEST-Workshop Empowered ETIT Researchers to Transform Ideas into Innovations

HIGHEST, the innovation and startup center of TU Darmstadt, recently hosted an exciting workshop titled “Changing the World with My Research! From Research Results to Innovation.” Under the guidance of HIGHEST experts Simone Lühl and Susanne Gürich, the aim was to bridge the gap between research findings and real-world applications, a challenge faced by many researchers when transitioning into practice.

Impressionen des Workshops

Simone Lühl during the workshop

Susanne Gürich in conversation

Participants brainstorming

The participants around Professor Klaus Hofmann

For one and a half hours, participants from the ETIT field of “Integrated Electronic Systems” delved into the world of idea generation and marketable innovation. Topics such as the importance of technology transfer in innovation were illustrated through practical examples. Engaging in creative brainstorming sessions, the twelve attendees, along with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Hofmann from the Department of Integrated Electronic Systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (ETIT), contributed to the hands-on exercises. Teams imagined quirky applications for a low-cost sensor, including socks that detect pressure points and monitor physical activity. Laughter filled the room as innovative ideas took shape, reflecting the spirit of creativity and innovation that permeated the event.


“We are delighted with the creative outcomes of the workshop, which underscore our commitment to fostering innovation and supporting researchers in translating their ideas into effective solutions,” said Susanne Gürich and Simone Lühl after the event.

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Simone Lühl

Innovation- and Start-up-Consulting

Susanne Gürich

Head of IP Services

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