March 11, 2024

Start-ups and Innovators in the Spotlight

Successful HIGHEST Club Evening

Exciting pitches, insightful discussions, and numerous connections exchanged – at the beginning of March, almost a hundred members gathered for an engaging event at the HIGHEST Club evening. The atmosphere was charged with spirit and innovation as six promising start-ups from the Technical University of Darmstadt presented their ideas and potential solutions for current challenges. They garnered significant interest from representatives of both the business and academic sectors.

Dr.-Ing. Romol Chadda kicked off the evening with a presentation on the innovative sensor technology of Mimosense, followed by Elias Hofmann and Nils Bergmann showcasing their AI solution, MySympto, aimed at reducing erroneous treatments in emergency rooms.


Another highlight was the presentation by Hakan Evcek and Tim Jefferys, who assist seniors in getting online with their user-friendly internet platform, Zenaris. Fei Wang introduced his team and their rapid optical diagnostic tool, ViSPAGI, for cancer, while Gent Zambaku provided an overview of his virtual data analysis assistant,


Alicja Niekrawietz concluded by introducing the data- and AI-supported energy management system of etalytics GmbH, which aids companies in optimizing their energy systems.

Beim Netzwerken.

Fei Wang von Vispagi.

Virtueller Kontaktaustausch.

Harald Holzer bei der Begrüßung.

Prof. Dr. Michéle Knodt bei ihrer Keynote.

Dr.-Ing. Romol Chadda von MimoSense

Elias Hofmann von MySympto

Das Team von Zenaris beim Pitch

Alicja Niekrawietz von etalytics

In addition to the fascinating start-up pitches, political professor Michèle Knodt provided an inspiring insight into establishing iron as an energy storage concept and discussed approaches to addressing the global energy demand geopolitically.


The HIGHEST Club evening not only served as a platform for innovation and presentations but also provided the opportunity to reconnect with old acquaintances and forge new business partnerships. The diverse array of supporters and stakeholders from the vibrant Rhein Main Neckar ecosystem once again underscored the significance of this event in fostering connections between the business community and innovators.

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