April 12, 2024

Update on the HIGHEST-Podcast

“We’re kicking off a new round with “Digital Valley goes HIGHEST”.

Starting from April 2024, the HIGHEST podcast will report monthly on news from the Darmstadt ecosystem, featuring founders, discussing research projects, and inviting experts to share insights on investments, funding programs, and much more. Once again, the podcast will be hosted by Dennis Niederhagen from Digital Valley and Harald Holzer from HIGHEST.

In the first episode of 2024, we dive into the vibrant ecosystem of the region. From the establishment of HIGHEST GmbH to TUDa’s xchange strategy, from successful patenting models to the lighthouse competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics – there’s plenty to explore! And who better to report on this than Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther, Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs at TU Darmstadt. A highlight of the show is undoubtedly delving into the mind of Albert Einstein. What would he say about startups today? Physicist Thomas Walther has the answer!

Listen to the first episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and stay tuned – exciting new stories await you every month!


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